About Us

Our mission is to help you improve your quality of life while you heal your mind, body and spirit.  The definition of Temperance is moderation in action, thought and feeling.  Temperance Sober Living provides a gateway for you to transition from your old life into your new life, while giving you a safe and sober environment to help you make and keep your commitment to yourself on your journey to sober living, one day at a time. 

Temperance Sober Living is run in the true spirit of 12-step recovery, and if you have another pathway that works for you, that’s ok too! Our structure is based on respecting house mates in a shared living environment.  We are here to help facilitate your path to recovery.

We offer recovery coaching on an as needed basis, they are here to help you navigate the sometimes unknown territory of early sobriety and other goals you may have as well.   

We are located in Aurora, off 225 and Iliff with easy access to highways, light rail, RTD bus, 12-step meetings, employment opportunities and other resources. 

We have a hot tub in the backyard and a mini yoga studio in the basement! 



TerriAnne Darling